- a beyond banking experience for all

Who are we?

We are a bunch of people, who believe that happiness and health are the two most important indexes that should also get accounted for and are working towards getting these two indexes acknowledged. We envision that together we can make our present & future world a happy & healthy place to live. With this vision in mind we introduce mytra, a friend to you 😃, the first product of our group PennyWorth Consultech (pwctech), is an innovative platform to provide digital banking solutions for the next billion users. Our mission is to give our users beyond banking experience and help them do global business easily. We have years of experience in the regulatory and financial industry which turned out to be a stepping stone of our journey. Our aim is to make our users' lives better with abundant wealth, health and happiness.

What are we doing?

We are here to enable banking for all. We truly believe that banks should cater to people's needs, they should focus on solving problems, rather than just selling financial products.

Therefore, with this belief, we at are bringing innovative and smart banking solutions to solve all your money woes. We are offering you the simplest, safest & smartest 100% digital banking experience, especially catering to your individual and business needs.

With our range of banking solutions you can manage your hard earned money and do global business easily.

How are we doing it?

To give you beyond banking experience, we have made sure that our solutions have all the three qualities - “simplest, safest & smartest”.

For this, we have partnered and integrated our systems with the top institutions and banks. We are leveraging the technology integrations through secured API connections and to provide you with various innovative banking solutions.

To give you the best security ever, we at, follow a multi-tenant architecture to store the data which helps us in keeping your data isolated providing a multi-layer security. This means, you can trust us when we say we are safer than your traditional banks 😃

How can you help us?

We want to build, along with you. We want to do things differently, for the betterment of people and society at large.

For too long, banks haven't centred around customers' needs and we want to change that for good. We want to build, a digital banking platform with everyone & for everyone.

To achieve this, we have our amazing community, where you all help us bring more & better banking solutions, by telling us your specific needs, suggest features, test our products and give us constant feedback, so that we can build a digital bank that everyone loves.

We would love it, if you can join our amazing community & be a part of the digital banking revolution. Join our community now & drop us a message. So that we can know your needs & serve you better 😃