Smart Current Account

The only current account you will need to manage your collections, payments and treasury solutions.

Smart current account is an all in one account to manage your banking transactions which will be linked to your regular bank account.

Merchant account linked to a QR code or virtual accounts for your customers or your treasury account, all these accounts form part of your Smart Current Account.

On registering as a business user, we shall create a merchant account for your business with our partner bank and provide you with an account number and a QR code to start your collections journey. Your collections shall be settled in your regular bank account post completion of business on-boarding by linking your bank account.

Smart current account is a merchant account provided by our partner bank for your business.

This account is a transactional account to manage your collections and the same shall get settled to your regular bank account.

Your treasury account shall be the investment account in the name of your business, where your amount will be invested in your name in a Liquid Mutual Fund to manage your treasury and generate returns for your idle balance.

It is not mandatory to open a treasury account, however opening a treasury account shall help your business with the professional treasury management which otherwise is available to large corporates who have a dedicated treasury team.

How is it helpful for my business?

Before we answer this question, we would like to explain you about what happens to your money kept with a bank in your current account.

Every bank has to follow certain guidelines in terms of managing their liquidity, i.e. making the money available to their account holder whenever required or matured. And since the money kept by you in your current account can be withdrawn by you at any point of time, the banks has to make sure that your money is invested or is given as a loan to highly liquid and safest instruments like Treasury Bills, Top rated Commercial Papers, etc.

These highly liquid investments are also made by these banks to meet various regulatory requirements of maintaining Liquidity and Cash Reserve Ratios.

Our treasury solutions shall follow the same guidelines of banking by making your investments directly in your ownership in the instruments like Treasury Bills, Top rated Commercial Papers through a Liquid Mutual Fund which is a debt instrument (not equity) and are considered to be the best alternative to a current account.

Since your money is invested in debt instruments through a liquid mutual fund, your money shall not get effected by the daily volatility of equity market (Stock Market) and provide you with an interest income of upto 6% per annum.

A virtual account is an additional account linked to your merchant account.

You can open multiple virtual accounts for your customers to let them pay in the particular account assigned for your customer. This shall help in automatic reconciliation of your Accounts receivable and you shall have a better control over your incoming funds.

Making collections and payments are very easy. When you register as a business user, you shall get a merchant account along with the Bharat QR code through our partner bank. You can instantly start collecting your money in this account.

The Bharat QR code can be used to accept payments from any of the UPI apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM, etc. And also you can accept payments through RTGS, NEFT and IMPS as well. You can send collection links to your customers.

Making payments is also very simple, you can use our connected banking service(available on Select Banks) to connect your existing bank account to make the payments or can use our payment service by depositing the money in the mytra money virtual account assigned to you.

You can also collect or make payment outside our platform through your regular banking channel and make the necessary accounting entries/link your bank account, however we recommend you to use our collection/payment system to make sure any of the regulatory compliances aren't missed, the accounting entries are properly recorded and your business is managed properly.

One of the perks of using our banking solutions is the automated accounting.

Your business account comes with an in-built ERP system. This ERP system is suitable for every business need, whether you are a freelancer or a large corporate.

Whenever you make any payment or receive money using our banking solutions, your accounting entry is automatically made by creating the entries in the necessary ledgers. For example, when you make a payment to your vendor, you will first add your vendor as a beneficiary this shall create a ledger in your ERP system as well, and whenever a payment is made to that vendor, an accouting entry is also made along with the payment.

This ways our banking solutions shall help in managing your business efficiently.

Using a Smart Current Account is as safe as using a bank account with better than bank grade security to your data and proper safety of your money even when, God forbid we are not around.

Your account comes with a merchant account in the name of your business along with the Bharat QR code and virtual accounts opened by you which is linked to that merchant account opened with our partner bank. The merchant account is the transactional account and all the transactions happening in the merchant account will get settled to your regular bank account as per your set conditions and hence there is full safety of your money.

You can also open a treasury account to manage your treasury and earn better returns on your idle funds and this account is also opened in the name of your business and the investments in the Liquid Mutual Funds are also made in the name your business only, hence there is full safety of your funds as the money never touches our bank account.

What about your investmets in Liquid Mutual Funds?
Your investment in Liquid Mutual Funds do come with a disclaimer of "Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks" but Liquid Mutual Funds are considered as the least risky investment in the entire spectrum of Mutual Funds.

Liquid Mutual Funds provide a stable return throughout your investment period which is close to the Repo Rate announced by RBI.

Using Smart current account is very easy. You will have to register as a business user and register your business on However we are yet to launch our services for businesses and have opened registrations for early access.

You can reserve your business account through this link.


We want our users to feel free to ask us anything with regards to our product, financial planning or for a cup of coffee and we shall be there for you.