Smart Invest

Invest in various instruments including Equity Index Funds, Gold, REITs, Debt Funds and many more to help you achieve your goals.

Goal planning is the most intuitive way to start your investment journey.

Millions of people start saving their money by adding a goal. Your goal can be a short-term goal or a long-term goal based on your requirement and we shall build an investment pack by analysing your risk profile, time horizon to acheive the goal, inflation rates, market conditions and many other parameters.

Through goal planning you shall have a disciplined approach towards savings plus you shall put your money to work for you to let you buy things by actually spending less.

You can add as many goals as you want. There are no limit to your goals.

Adding multiple goals will help you invest like a pro, you shall have a right amount of diversification and a clear strategy for exiting your investments at the right time.

Investing through is very simple. You need to complete a one time KYC process through the mobile app which is completely digital.

You must be a citizen of India holding a Permanent Account Number (PAN), having an address proof (Any one of the following: Aadhaar, Valid Driving License, Valid Passport, Election Card) and an operational bank account in your name.

Your KYC registration will be checked from a SEBI approved KYC registry agency (KRA), and based on the status you will need to complete your Video KYC verification (Full KYC) to start investing.

P.S. Data Security Guaranteed.

Adding goals on is very simple, just download the app and from the Smart Invest section you can add your goals.

You need to select your goal, provide the amount of money that you need to spend today to achieve the goal and duration (in months) when you would like to acheive the goal.

Our system shall curate a pack for you (you can consider it like a FD/RD) which shall consist of different investment instruments based on your goal/investment horizon. Select the pack, make your first payment. Congratulations! you have made your investment.

Keep a track of all your investments and periodically re-balance them to achieve your goals smartly.

We hope you fullfil your dreams through us and we shall help you during this journey to help get maximum returns by providing the re-balancing strategy for your portfolio periodically.

However, it depends upon you to have the discipline in making the investments on a regular basis to get the best results and increase the chances of achieving your goals smartly.

Yes, you can anytime pause, cancel, top-up or withdraw your investments as per your choice. However, there are certain tax saving investments which shall carry a lock-in period (minimum 3 years), such investments cannot be withdrawn during the lock-in period.

We always recommend you to stay invested till the time you acheive your goal.

Please note, early withdrawal may incur exit load to certain type of investments which shall be charged by the respective mutual fund company.

Re-balancing of portfolio means shifting your investments from highly volatile investment to stable investment based on the time left for achieving your goal.

Your holding shall be perdiodically checked for re-balancing after due consideration of return generated, applicability of exit load, tax implication and various other parameters to build a strategy for you.

Adding goals or making investments is absolutely free. You can start with as little as INR 500.00 to start making investments or add a simple goal like your car insurance premium.

Just like fixed deposits, where there is a penality for pre-closure levied by most of the banks, there could be an exit load applicable if you wish to withdraw your funds before a certain time which shall be charged by the mutual fund company.

Though we do not charge you any fees for using our platform, we get a small amount of commission ranging in betweeen 0.35% to 0.55% from the mutual fund companies or other provider.


We want our users to feel free to ask us anything with regards to our product, financial planning or for a cup of coffee and we shall be there for you.