Smart Accounting

Now let your business witness the power of auto accounting with our Smart Accounting solutions.

The secret sauce of our banking solutions is the Smart accounting.

With our Smart accounting solutions, you focus on the operations & developing your business and leave the hassle of managing your regulatory compliances/book-keeping on us.

Our banking solutions will let you complete your accounting entries automatically whenever you do your business transaction through our banking solutions.

A marketplace is the e-commerce solution to enable our users to bring their business online. With a mission to make doing global business easy, we have brought a marketplace, soon) to let our business users list their goods and services online.

By using our marketplace, we shall help you build a global brand, provide you a wider customer base, manage the supply chain system efficiently with data driven approach and the accounting/issuance of sales invoice, purchasing invoice, collections, payments shall be automated, secured and transparent.

Yes, you can do complete accounting using as it comes with an in-built ERP system for your business. You can make manual accounting entries like journal entries, create sales invoice, make purchase entries, payment entries, collection entries, etc. to prepare your books of account.

However, using our banking solutions will help you automate your accounting and compliance management and have better control on your receivables/payables/stock.

AR/AP reconciliation is an innovative approach to manage your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Our banking solutions will help you create virtual accounts for your customers, accept payment from them, auto-reconcile their account, sending payment reminders and payment links to help you with better control on your receivables.

Similarly, all your payments are managed by using our payment solutions of connected banking/'s virtual account to make sure all your payments are made with proper authorisation against the payables recorded and giving due consideration to treasury management.

When you use our banking solutions, you are not justing using the banking solutions but you are completely managing your business.

All your statutory compliances are taken care by making the statutory payments and filing your statutory returns through the deep linking of our systems with the systems of the regulators.

You shall need to complete the statutory compliance setup to enable us to do the necessary filings and payments on your behalf. Also we recommend you to use our banking solutions for all your payments and collections to make sure the statutory compliances are completed without any errors.

You can add as many employees as you want to manage your business and all your employees will be provided with an employee dashboard and the role as an employee will be assigned, which is the default role.

To provide the admin access to different banking solutions, you can create different departments and roles as suitable to your organisation, enable the required permissions to that role and assign the role to your employees.

Our banking solutions comes with the standard roles like HR Admin, Accounts Executive, Auditor, etc. to enable you to assign them to your employees who shall be the administrator and will regularly use your business suite.

When you use our banking solutions, you are promised with complete data security and fraud preventions.

Various internal controls like maker-checker concept, authorisation matrix for various business transactions, project management tools like Kanban Board can be implemented as per your business need.

We ship our product with the standard internal control mechanisms like maker-checker control for your payments, payroll processing, invoice generation, etc.

Using Smart accounting is very easy. You will have to register as a business user and register your business on However we are yet to launch our services for businesses and have opened registrations for early access.

You can reserve your business account through this link.


We want our users to feel free to ask us anything with regards to our product, financial planning or for a cup of coffee and we shall be there for you.