Smart Payroll

Your employees were never so happy before you introduced them to the Smart Payroll solutions.

Smart payroll is the solution provided for your business to manage your workforce and provide various benefits to your employees through our ecosystem for individual users and marketplace.

With Smart payroll you can add your employees and they shall be provided with an Employee dashboard enabling them to view their salary slips, mark attendance/apply for leave, provide tax declarations, raise reimbursements and many more.

You can add an HR admin (if any) to manage the HR activities. You can process the monthly payroll of your business through Smart Payroll and many more solutions to completely manage your Human resource.

By using Smart payroll, you shall be able to manage your employee's attendance as well.

Whenever you add your employees, they shall become a system user for your business and they shall get access to the employee dashboard from where they can mark their attendance and do various other activities.

We also provide you with a bio-metric/facial recognization/QR Code based attendance marking system (on request) or you can link your existing hardware (on request) to our Smart payroll.

Yes, making salary payments through our banking solutions comes with various perks. You shall not just make the payment but complete your entire payroll processing with us.

Whenever you add an employee, he/she shall get access to their employee dashboard from where they can fill their details including the bank account in which they want to get their salary. They can also choose the's Smart Savings Account as their desired bank account which shall provide them with various benefits of automating their tax declarations, filing their tax returns and other benefits.

On the date of salary payments, you can confirm the payroll processing after adjusting the salaries for Loss of Pay or Incentives (either manually or automatically) and use our payment solution of connected banking or use our payment solution by depositing money in the's virtual account assigned for your business.

You can also make the payments outside our platform using your regular banking channel and make the necessary accounting entries/link your bank account, however we recommend you to use our payment system to make sure any of the regulatory compliances aren't missed, the accounting entries are properly recorded and your business is managed properly.

When you use our banking solutions, you are not justing using the banking solutions but you are completely managing your business.

All your statutory compliances are taken care by making the statutory payments and filing your statutory returns through the deep linking of our systems with the systems of the regulators.

You shall need to complete the statutory compliance setup to enable us to do the necessary filings and payments on your behalf. Also we recommend you to use our banking solutions for all your payments and collections to make sure the statutory compliances are completed without any errors.

Generating salary slips wasn't this easy before you started using's Smart payroll solution.

Whenever you start using our payroll solution, you can select our default salary structure and salary slip or customise as per your organisation's HR policy. Once your salary structure is set, all your employees shall get their salary as per the breakup set by you.

Whenever the monthly payroll is processed, the salary slips of your employees are generated automatically and are available to them on their employee dashboard.

Using Smart payroll is very easy. You will have to register as a business user and register your business on However we are yet to launch our services for businesses and have opened registrations for early access.

You can reserve your business account through this link.


We want our users to feel free to ask us anything with regards to our product, financial planning or for a cup of coffee and we shall be there for you.