Human Capital Manager

Our team is the strength and capital of our organisation. As a Human Capital Manager, you shall be working closely with the entire talent pool and community built by the organisation. You shall also find the right talent and help in creating a healthy work environment.

We are always looking for passionate people to join our team and as a human capital manager you should be the most passionate person of our organisation. Our human capital managers shall be very empathetic and work towards building a healthy work environment in the organisation which shall help in making our organisation a best place to work in. You shall continuoulsy look to find the right talent, understand the organisational structure by planning, evaluating and appraising the performance of existing and new team members on regular intervals. An organisation is known for its people and having a great team shall help us creating an ecosystem for the internet users and acheive our mission of making doing global business easy.

How do you become a human capital manager with us?

  • You will join our team as an Intern or Trainee for a duration of 3 to 6 months
  • During this period, you shall understand the the complete organisation structure and work towards implementing the right policies and processes across the organisation
  • You shall always look to find the right talent for the organisation and keep interacting with them and help in onboarding them
  • Last but not the least, you will have to share the common vision and mission set across the organisation

Post successful completion of your internship/training, we shall review your technical and soft skills which is very important to help us decide in selecting the right candidate for our core team. Ofcourse, you shall be paid during the internship/training period.

What do we look for in an ideal candidate?

  • You love to be empathetic with the people with a strong social media presence
  • You have an overall understanding in functioning of a startup and passionate towards building a better organisation for its employees
  • You are highly skilled in understanding the metrics of employee productivity, performance management and talent acquisition
  • You should be self-motivated, self-starter and enjoy whatever you do

Working with pwctech

pwctech, short for PennyWorth ConsulTech is a Hyderabad, India based startup recognized by the Government of India. We got established in 2020. We are a team of passionate individuls and we thrive to work hard, learn better and solve the problems of our next billion users. Our first service, is a tech-fin product built to provide world class digital banking service for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, societies and every person handling money.

We believe in working towards getting results. We work hard, make mistakes, learn from our mistakes and never repeat the same mistake again. We are flexible in our work timings, provide a healthy work environment and value each and every team member's contribution towards achieving our mission.

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