Other policies


  • Any transaction failure during the payment processing shall be refunded back to you upon any debit from your bank account. We may ask you to submit your bank statement if there is any critical payment failure.
  • We are a platform / aggregator and hence payment once completed succesfully cannot be cancelled / refunded by mytra.money. You will need to raise the cancellation / refund request from the respective merchant or biller or any other third party to whom the payment was made via mytra.money.
  • We use various third party payment aggregators, gateway and service providers to process your payments and financial transactions. Any reversal of payment by these payment partners can lead to denial of service or recall of goods from your merchant or biller or any other third party to whom the payment was being made.


    As mandated under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made thereunder, the details and contact information of the Grievance Officer appointed by mytra.money to address your data related or other concerns is as follows:

    1. Name: Harsh Agrawal
    2. E-mail: contact@pwctech.in
    3. Contact: +91 97035 25310
    4. Address- Bizness Square, 4th Floor, 16 Hitech City Road, Hitec City, Hyderabad -500081


    mytra.money is a platform / aggregator and do not ship goods / services directly to you. Any payments made by you to the third party for purchasing any goods or service must be dealt with them for shipping, returns and cancellations.